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Subject To The Conditions and Limitations Set Forth Below:

1) Cocoa Auto Salvage warrants all parts purchased from Full Serve yard for 101 days. Any and all warranties apply to original invoice and purchaser only.

2) Engine warranty covers (101 days full serve,) the rotating assembly, all lubricated parts such as engine block, cylinder head with valves, lifters, cam shaft, connecting rods and bearings, pistons and rings, oil pump, crankshaft and bearings.

3) Engine warranty does not include any parts external to the rotating assembly including carburetors, water pumps, fuel pumps, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, plugs, wires, distributors, fuel injectors, timing belts, oil pans, all gaskets and seals. These items are not warranted when sold on an engine and often need to be switched over from the original engine.  On engines with belt driven timing components the timing components (belt and tensioner) must be replaced prior to install.

4) Engine warranty is void if heat tabs are melted or removed. Any temperature above factory recommendations will cause permanent damage.

5) Purchaser agrees to have new oil and new filter installed upon engine installation or warranty will be void.

6) Transmissions are warranted to be in good working order, against slippage and shifting failure if properly installed. All transmissions are sold without fluid. The seals and filter, if equipped, must be replaced. If transmission is returned and a new filter has not been installed, then warranty is void and no refund will be given. Transmission lines and transmission coolers must be flushed. If they are not, the warranty is void. The transmission is to be filled with original manufacturer's recommended fluid. Speed sensors are not warranted and must be replaced if found defective. If the transmission is electronically controlled, the system must be programmed to allow proper operation. Most late model transmissions require programming, (please consult your shop manual or shop software for programming requirements.  Proof of programming will be required in the event of failure.)  Failure to follow these instructions will result in a null and void warranty. All automatic transmissions purchased must be professionally installed. (Must provide receipt) Failure to do so voids warranty. Transmission returns, including cores, must be returned complete. All internal components must be present including valve body, solenoids, clutch packs and gears.

7) All parts, both mechanical and body parts, must be returned in the same condition as they were at the time of sale or delivery. Any changes or modifications to the part after the sale will void the warranty.

8) All claims must be accompanied by the original sale receipt. All standard warranty claims must be presented within a period of 101 days from the date of purchase for Full Service parts warranty to be valid.

9) Cocoa Auto Salvage, at its option, may replace the part, repair the part or refund the original purchase price of the part.

10) All implied warranties are limited to the terms of this limited warranty. Consequential or incidental damages are not covered under this warranty. This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damage. All tires are sold as-is, no warranty and buyer assumes all risk.



13) Cocoa Auto Salvage does not assume responsibility for towing charges, loss of use, down time, cost of lodging, cost of vehicle use, inconvenience or rental vehicle or Consequential Damages.


All claims and returned goods must be accompanied by the original invoice. All correctly filled orders which are returned will be charged a 35% restocking fee. Parts must be returned within 15 days of purchase. No returns on special ordered items or cut items. CORES MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 30 DAYS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND. Cores must be returned drained of all fluids, able to make 3 rotations, block must not be broken, and must be complete with all accessory parts for a full refund. Transmissions and transmission cores must be returned with converter and valve body, if applicable. The case must be complete and not cracked or broken and the pan must be attached. Cores returned and not drained are subject to a $50 fluid disposal fee. For Full Serve Return/Refunds: When buyer paid by cheek, refund will be given by check 15 days from date of purchase allowing for purchaser's check to clear company bank. For Self Serve core returns: When buyer paid by check, refund will be given by check 15 days from date of purchase allowing for purchaser's check to clear company bank. No cash refunds will be given to businesses. Any invoices paid by cash over $50 will be refunded by check.

Warranty Claim and prior authorization is required before replacement, repairs or refund.  Units removed without prior authorization will not be warrantied.


Cocoa Auto Salvage may offer extensions of the time period of this warranty. Such notice of extensions will be printed on the original invoice for the parts covered. No other warranty terms will' be changed by such notice. All replacement parts and repairs must be approved by Seller before any work is performed; failure to do so will void the warranty. It is the sellers option to provide the necessary labor to replace or reinstall defective parts. All such warranty work must be performed by the Seller or by an Authorized Agent of the Seller. DO NOT REMOVE INSTALLED PARTS SUCH AS ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS WITHOUT RECEIVING PERMISSION FROM THE SELLER. Doing so may void your warranty. AIl warranty claims must be made within 15 days of part failure. Labor reimbursement will not be paid on returned parts.


This is a separate limited installation warranty that may be purchased for selected parts. If limited installation warranty is purchased notice will be printed on the original invoice for the parts covered. Limited labor warranty if purchased, covers a one time labor coverage up to the amount purchased for labor. LABOR CLAIMS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 15 DAYS OF PART FAILURE. Labor reimbursement will be in accordance with the original installation hourly rate and labor hours incurred, and not to exceed the applicable hours scheduled for the work performed as published in the MITCHELL labor guide specifications.


At the time of the return of the parts covered by this warranty, Cocoa Auto Salvage will pay the original purchaser of the part listed on the front of the invoice up to the amount noted on the invoice if Cocoa Auto Salvage determines that the part failed within the period of the Limited Parts Warranty (or the period of an extended warranty if one is purchased on the same invoice). All conditions of the original Limited Parts Warranty must be met. Cocoa Auto Salvage retains ail rights under the Limited Parts Warranty, including the right to repair any part covered under said warranty rather than determine that the part must be replaced. This Limited Installation Warranty is not included with any part from Cocoa Auto Salvage but must be purchased separately. The charge for the Limited Installation Warranty must be billed on the same invoice as the part described by the part type and Cocoa Auto Salvage stock number on the invoice. The liability and obligations of Cocoa Auto Salvage under this warranty shall not exceed the amount shown on the invoice and shall not include inconvenience, transportation, towing, down time or direct or indirect consequential damages or delay resulting from defect. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied, including any implied warranty or merchant-ability or fitness for a particular use. No action by Cocoa Auto Salvage under this warranty shall extend the original warranty period or alter its obligation.




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Our mission is to be the leading supplier of quality, used auto parts by providing a superior product alternative for vehicle repair. We will accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers while utilizing state of the art technology. We will combine professionalism, integrity and an attitude of ultimate customer satisfaction to establish ourselves as the most trusted name in our industry. Our commitment to the environment and our 'green' policies will be evident in all operations.


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